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Yawo Watts

Poet & Social-Service Worker

Erotic Poetry Show


In Home Support Services Consortium


Date of Birth:

July 11th

Grandma's Remedy Co-Owner - Organic Cannabis

Yawo is the creator of The Oralgasm. An intimate night of erotic poetry, music, love and romance. This sexy and sophisticated showcase offers a sensual something for everyone who wants to feel good.  Yawo earned the Moniker of “The Marvin Gaye of Poetry” by his peers-and it’s quoted: As usual, Mr. Watts pleases all of my 5 senses". 

Life Experience

June 1995 - Present

July 2019 - July 2019

January 2020 - Present

He’s a creative Artisan and Djembe Drummer for hire with a strong desire to serve the world through creativity and kindness.

Yawo fulfilled a lifelong passion and self-publishing Lemongrass. His collection of poetry was written over 15 years and inspired by life's love, loss and lessons. Yawo is currently working on his second volume of poetry and cherishes studying poetry at The World Stage in Leimert.

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