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Lynne Conner


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March 27th

Actress | Director | Producer...

Lynne currently directs and produces for ICCC2 at the Willie Agee Playhouse, most recently GIL SCOTT-HERON BLUESOLOGY a Tribute to the legendary icon and Godfather of Rap.  She started the year at Sundance and she is ending the year Booked for a Pharma Commercial in SF.  She is in the 2023 film by Van Elder KINGS OF L.A. streaming on Roku.  Lynne is in YOUNG, WILD, FREEdirected by Thembi Banks which Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2023. 


Her goal is to continue soaring, healing and telling the truth as an actress and director.  An Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.

Life Experience

Jan 2021 - Present

March 1980 - Present

January 1977 - Present

You can check out the YouTube series M.A.D. (Mom’s A Diva) by Paris Nicole.  Lynne directs and produces short films, her film RAISING KINGS, and the international award winning short YOUNG & NA!VE by her sister Tuesday Conner.  Lynne is an actress and producer on the short THE DRAGONFLY TALE by Lorey Hayes is winning awards across the country.  Theatre includes performances with the Black Creators Collective presenting live theatre throughout L.A.. 

As a woman and an artist, my role is to inspire, empower, challenge, entertain, share our human experience through life and story, be truthful, and heal through the arts. I am a proud mother. I work full time in the legal field while pursuing my dream to act again after raising a family for the past 25 years. I began doing publicity for theatre and film to get me back around the field that I am most passionate about. I am back on stage, studying and shooting shorts, and doing everything humanly possible to be a great actress and secure roles that have meaning and shine a positive light on Strong Intelligent Black Women and people of color. I was a designer in another life, like my mother and sister, Tuesday Conner, I was raised sewing and designing clothing, which I did for many years as a young adult. I studied at Inner City Cultural Center and enhanced my skills in theatre, voice and dance. 

I took an awesome film class with Richard Lawson and am now creating my own shorts/scenes - trying to build a reel of work for me and other like minds. I study with Francisco Cali, a brilliant acting instructor. I still do minimal publicity - but that is no longer my focus. I work with Ian Foxx - I started my career with him 30 years ago when he own and operated the Foxx Follies Theatre and made my first film with him called "Corner Boy." I applaud you for paving the way, staying true to your dreams and keeping positive relationships alive amongst us. Take wings...soar!

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