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Writer | Producer | Artistic Director

Costume Designer by Trade, Writer at Heart, Tuesday steps out on a limb and directs her first short film “Young & Na!ve”. Immediately Tuesday becomes an International Award Winning Writer and Filmmaker.  Her intensity as a Fashion Designer catches on fire as a Writer. 


Founder of Poet’s Jazz House and  Inner City Cultural Center II, Inc..  Producing since the age of seventeen at Foxx Follies, Tuesday has been dedicated to providing artists a space to learn and grow and a place to perform and sell their art.  Tuesday is a detail oriented, freelance, multimedia powerhouse producer, with a long track record of successfully guiding a wide variety of projects from development to completion; from Award Shows to Short Films. 


Tuesday was privileged to costume Broadway shows, Film, Recording Artist, Television and Tours around the world; from Mr T. to Eric Roberts and Chaka…Chaka Khan. Tuesday produced one of the hottest comedy clubs in The Valley and one of the coolest poetry lounges in the country, says CBS and BackstageWest.  Tuesday Conner is an Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.

What started as a one-night-stand was the birth of history in the making...Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology.

An overnight success story; with words so relevant now and a band of spoken word artists that will make you laugh and cry...catch the fire!

Life Experience

May 1985 - Present

Oct 2009 - Nov 2019

Feb 2023 - Present

Jan 2014 - Present

March 2023

June 2024

International Award Winning Filmmaker|Writer|Producer and once Costume Designer to the Stars Tuesday Conner has been having a passionate love affair with her career for over four decades. From the start of an idea through the final creation and production her work is dedicated to enhancing the quality of an actor's performance, providing believability to the actor and audience for the most enjoyable entertaining experience.

Tuesday films a poem called "Robin" she wrote as a homework assignment. Immediately Tuesday Conner's film "Young & Na!ve makes her an International Award Winning Filmmaker, Writer and Producer.  Tuesday travels the world and picks up 31 Awards and Trophies.

Tuesday’s band of poets pays tribute to Langston Hughes at the Willie Agee Playhouse for Black History Month.  Little did she now this was the launching pad for her to produce twenty two live stage productions that year.

Paying tribute to the Legendary Icon Gil Scott-Heron tickets sold out in a week commanding the production to return to the stage.

Tuesday has two shows currently running… The first being Poetry in the Park After Dark with Poets Jazz House honoring legendary and local poets.  From Nikki Giovanni to Gil Scott-Heron and S. Pearl Sharp. 


The second series documents the legacy of the Inner City Cultural Center. The first multicultural arts institute in the county.  Join us for a candid conversation with Siedah Garrett, Margaret "Shug" Avery, Glynn Turman, Hawthorne James aka “Big Red from the Five Heartbeats" to James V. Burks, founder of the African Marketplace & Cultural Faire.


Join us as Hollywood’s elite  tell their stories in an intimate evening with friends.  These two events fall on Tuesday nights.  Spread the word.

Tuesday’s performing arts and education organization Inner City Cultural Center II, Inc. and her eclectic group of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and businesswomen “Royal Queens United” Spread Wisdom, Inner Healing & Mentoring through Music, Poetry & Art to Bring Love, Harmony & Prosperity to the Community. 

The Royal Queens welcome Sisters of all ages and races to Come Express her Heart through Art and a Sister Circle Open Forum Discussion on How to Live a Happy Life.


They provide the community with Arts, Crafts, Computer and Business classes to train others how to use their hands to make money.  To help make women self-sustainable and uplift the community we provide a venue where artists can express their heart and sell their art.

Tuesday Conner creates Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology featuring Gia Scott-Heron and mounted the show in eleven days.  Six days in Tickets were sold out.  Tuesday mounted the production three more times...The house keeps selling out.

Tuesday added Father Amde Hamilton to the cast of Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology

Tuesday partners with Creative Love Network

Awards & Honors...

June 1978 - Present

June 1989

May 1991

September 1990

November 2010

Lion of the Festival, Founder's Favorite, Audience Favorite, Best Social Issue and The Hague Global Cinema Award are just a few of Tuesday's thirty one Awards from around the globe for her short film “Young & Na!ve”. This little masterful work of art is a poetic apology to every child ever sexually molested and a film everyone ever born needs to see. 


Apparel Manufacturing & Management Achievement Award was received from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising upon graduating Magna Cum Laude



Fashion Designer of The Year & Sportswear Designer of the Year was awarded by the American College for the Applied Arts when she graduated Magna Cum Laude. 


On the New York Fashion circuit Tuesday won her first Fashion Designer of the Year Award from Big Apple Productions.


Tuesday was again Nominated for Designer of the Year by Raw Natural Born Artists.  


Tuesday and her golden gown appeared in Vogue Magazine.

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