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The Oracle

Denise Lyles-Cook

aka The ORACLE


Massage & Movement Therapy

My Music:


March 21st

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, Entertainer...

I am The ORACLE. I say what you need to hear, may not be what you want to hear, but it boils down to your truth, not mine. I am also a small press publishing company. I prepare fliers, booklets, programs, business cards and I do voice over, public speaking, and live performances. There is so much that I am qualified to do. I am known as a Jaqueline of all trades and master of most. And what I can't do, I get it done. I am a professional perfectionist and I am efficient. That being said, I look forward to a productive and prosperous collaboration with you!

Life Experience

June 2025 - April 2026

Jan 1979 - June 1982

February 2016

Multi-talented, quadruple threat, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Motivational Speaker Denise L. Cook, artistically known as The ORACLE, has ventured into the exciting eclectic realm of Spoken Word Artistry, winning two coveted Spoken Word Billboard Awards. The first for ranking her the #1 Spoken Word/ Poet Artist of the Year.  The ORACLE’s mantra, “all-ways remember to love yourself” listen to her internationally radio show The ORACLE Speaks With:YOU!  An Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.

What people are saying: "Bright, fresh and inhected with an understanding of life as it is and as it could be, The Oracle's words on the page leap at the reader with an embrace as an old friend. In performance she is all the more thought provoking, motivating and relevant.  And an experience to be savored and repeated again and again." Larry Carroll, President, Diversified Entertainment Group and former Local/National News Anchor

Students say...

"She makes you feel good about yourself." "When she walks in the room , you know she's there. It's as if a bright white light has been turned on." The ORACLE made me cry because I saw and felt myself in her words.  It was as if I had written then myself. How doeas she know exactly what to say?" "Ms. Cook made us feel like we mattered. Most teachers don't seem to care what teenagers think. Ms. Cook really cared."

Denise L. Cook is a consummate poetess, writer, performer and a wonderful person to know. She is dedicated and committed to excellence in her craft and delivers it with passion and most of all LOVE. Denise has the ability to draw upon her rich heritage, background and experience as an actress, dancer, writer and vocalists to make the connection with her work and her audience. Bring her to your event. Include her and in doing so you will embrace some of the authentic energy she possesses.                       ~. Ernest D. Dillihay

Awards & Honors

October 2013

October 2012

2013 Spoken Word Artist of The Year

Issued by Spoken Word Billboard Award · Oct 2013


The ORACLE received her second Spoken Word Billboard Award for "Freedom Wakes Me up", from her CD "I Gotta Story To Tell". Funky, Island feel, with a message for FREEDOM of love, of life, of spirit. The ORACLE Speaks Truth ....

The ORACLE wins "Rising Ranking Artist of the Year" Lyrical Influence 2012

Issued by the Spoken Word Billboard Award · Sep 2012


Spoken Word Billboard Award for the smooth Jazz Lyrical sounds for

"Lunar Love Affair", cut #6 on the CD, "I Gotta Story To Tell"

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