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By Showcasing the seminal brilliance of Gil Scott-Heron and injecting their own works inspired by this philosophical giant, the talented artists of "Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology's" goal is to give students throughout the greater Los Angeles school district, the opportunity and freedom to express themselves without judgment and find personal satisfaction and acceptance of their own unique voices.


With your support the magnificent artists of Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology can invade the public school system with writing workshops, greeting card classes and poetry events giving children the opportunity to express themselves freely and let them know their voice is valuable.


The workshops are designed to foster creativity and critical thinking, as well as promote a deeper understanding of social issues through the exploration of art.


Your generous contribution will provide a four-week symposium and an unforgettable educational experience that will leave a lasting impact on students' lives.


Day 1

Students are invited to a Gil Scott Heron Bluesology performance and given the opportunity to chat with the cast.   The cast conduct a writers workshop designed to help the youth open their hearts to expose both love and pain to find their voice and inner peace.  They also receive a homework assignment to create poetry and works of art they can sell on the last day of the program.


Day 2 -3

The cast conducts writing workshops, poetry writing classes, guitar, voice and djembe classes along with greeting card, bookmark and book making workshops to incorporate turning the youths' writings into works of sellable art.  They also learn how to sell their art online.


Day 4

Students set up the venue and prepare for the Poetry Show Extravaganza, Graduation, Celebration and Art Sale.  The students host a show and show off their talents in-between working the Art Sale where they learn about stock, merchandising, inventory, sales and finance.  During the event each teen will present an original piece allowing the audience insight into a life that has to deal with the many issues and pressures associated with growing up in the 21st Century.  Issues that young people are confronted with on a personal level and may or may not share with family or friends for fear of being ridiculed, embarrassed or scoffed at.  At the extravaganza...they wear their heart on their sleeve and then sell it.


We provide students with the knowledge and opportunities to express themselves, become entrepreneurs and sell their he/art.


You will receive:

  • A custom-made plan

Scientific Experiments

Price Options
One-time purchase
$15,000.00every year until canceled
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