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One of the most important things about a musical artist's legacy is if their work can outshine their physical being. And as unfortunate as it is that Gil Scott-Heron isn’t as famous as his words, it’s much more important that his words and music are on display for the world to see.                                                                                           ~ Ronnybeans


Through music, spoken word, and visual storytelling, this production brings Gil Scott-Heron's message to life in a way that resonates with audiences of all ages.  We hope you join us in the magic of Gil Scott-Heron and the message in his music.


You will receive:

  • 1/8 page Ad Space in the Show Program

  • Special Thanks Recognition on our Official Website

  • Special Thanks Recognition in Show Program

  • 25% Discount on your Show Ticket

  • Invitation to Mixers for promoters, venues, and artists.

  • Membership Newsletter with Up-to-Date News, Photos and our Event Schedule

Message in the Music...

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One-time purchase
Message in the Music
$50.00every month until canceled
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