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Inner City Cultural Center II Presents Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology...

Gia Scott-Heron, daughter of the icon Gil Scott-Heron and Poets Jazz House…a fierce band of spoken word artists are spittin' fire and blazin' stages with the powerful intensity of truth and messages from a visionary and the thought provoking rhythms that made Gil Scott-Heron a world renown influential legend.   Still prevalent today are the timeless and classic words of Gil Scott-Heron; considered the GODFATHER OF RAP; although Gil professed to be a "BLUESOLOGIST" because his music was jazz and blues and spoken word that reflects the turbulence, uncertainty and increasing pessimism of the times, with a satirical edge told in the tradition of oral poetry and storytelling.


What started as a one-night-stand for Black History Month took on a life form of it's own with the ensemble cast and creator of Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology and founder of Poets Jazz House, Tuesday Conner; Conney Williams of the World Stage; Yawo Watts of Oralgasm; Lorenzo Frank from S.W.A.A.M.; Clent Bowers from too many Broadway show to name, ArtUs Mansoir a Multi–Talented Entertainer, the one-and-only ORACLE aka Denise Lyles-Cook under the direction of Lynne Conner.


You'll hear his words again, you'll cry and you'll laugh and your heart light will glow, you'll fight back some tears, you'll sing, you'll know lyrics you haven't heard in a long while and you'll learn about the man...the icon, the legend, Gil Scott-Heron!

This is us...and those that believe in us

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Singer | Rapper | Poetess | Event Hostess | Producer

Gia Scott-Heron, daughter of the legendary poet Gil Scott-Heron is affectionately known as Miss  Gia is an award-winning essayist, slam poet, spoken word, and recording artist. She has been interviewed and featured in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times' Entertainment section and various radio stations.  Gia writes and performs poetry in honor of her father’s legacy. Her recent release is entitled “The Difference”  and is available on  iTunes and


Writer | Producer

Costume Designer by Trade, Writer at Heart, Tuesday steps out on a limb and directs her first short film “Young & Na!ve”. Immediately Tuesday becomes an International Award Winning Writer and Filmmaker.  Her intensity as a Fashion Designer catches on fire as a Writer.  Founder of Poet’s Jazz House and  Inner City Cultural Center II, Inc..  Producing since the age of seventeen at Foxx Follies Tuesday has dedicated her life to providing artists a space to learn and grow and a place to perform and sell their art.  This freelance multimedia powerhouse producer's creative vision has a long track record of successfully guiding a wide variety of projects from development to completion; from Award Shows to Short Films.  Tuesday was privileged to costume Broadway shows, Film, Recording Artist, Television and Tours around the world; from Mr T. to Eric Roberts and Chaka…Chaka Khan. Tuesday produced one of the hottest comedy clubs in The Valley and one of the coolest poetry lounges in the country, says CBS and BackstageWest.  Tuesday Conner is an Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.


Poet | Writer | Philosopher | Novelist | Priest | Political Revolutionary | Watts Prophet

Legend & Icon

Anthony Amde Hamilton is an original founding member of the Watts Prophets and a native of Watts. The Watts Rebellion happened at the midpoint of the Sixties, and became the hinge on which the Civil Rights era became the Black Power era. The cultural aftershocks would reverberate for generations.  The story of the Watts Prophets begins shortly after the riots. 

The Watts Prophets are a living bridge to this time. The Watts Prophets are an important part to the histories of hip-hop and the African American cultural movement.  In 2003, Quincy Jones called the Watts Prophets and the Last Poets "the seminal figures in our culture, just as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie were in the bebop revolution of the 1940s." 

Father Anthony Amde Hamilton is a Living Legend, an Icon and Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.

Father Amde Hamilton
Poets Jazz House
...just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul.


Lynne currently directs and produces shows for Inner City Cultural Center II at the Willie Agee Playhouse, most recently BLUESOLOGY a Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron.  She started the year at Sundance and she is ending the year Booked for a Pharma Commercial in SF.  She is in the 2023 film by Van Elder KINGS OF L.A. streaming on Roku.  Lynne is in YOUNG, WILD, FREEdirected by Thembi Banks which Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2023.  Her goal is to continue soaring, healing and telling the truth as an actress and director.  Check out the YouTube series M.A.D. (Mom’s A Diva) by Paris Nicole.  An alum of Inner City Cultural Center Lynne directs and produces short films, her film RAISING KINGS, and the international award winning short YOUNG & NAIVE by sister Tuesday Conner.  Lynne, an actress and producer on the short THE DRAGONFLY TALE by Lorey Hayes is winning awards across the country.  Theatre includes performances with the Black Creators Collective presenting live theatre throughout L.A..  An Inner City Cultural Center Alumnus.

Lynne Conner, Director & Producer

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