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Father Amde

The Watts Prophets
Talk UP not down Hip Hop Choir

Where Young Artists Find Their Voice & Dance like Nobody is Watching

Our goal is to open up an area of expression for those that don't have area to express.  We give youth the opportunity and freedom to express themselves without judgment and find personal satisfaction and acceptance of their own unique voices.

We provide writing workshops, vocal, music, poetry and greeting card making classes that culminates in a community Arts Faire giving children the opportunity to express themselves freely and let them know their voice is valuable. The workshops are designed to foster creativity and critical thinking, create entrepreneurs and promote a deeper understanding of social issues through the exploration of art.

Students discover the magic of theater through the process of rehearsing and performing empowering their social and public speaking skills.  They learn the art becoming an entrepreneur, creating, manufacturing and selling their art.  The group uses poetry, essays, and stories about their life experiences as a form of healing and rebuilding.  We provide a four-week symposium and an unforgettable educational experience that leaves a lasting impact on students' lives.

Without Fine Arts There Are No Fine Minds

Youth Workshops

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission invited Anthony “Amde” Hamilton of the Watts Prophets to Prince George’s County during the year of July 2006 to conduct a two-day workshop with teens. This workshop served as a preview for a five-day residency project held in July 2007. The project has been remarkably successful for nearly twenty years.  We now bring the Hip Hop Choir to Los Angles where the youth have the opportunity to sing, recite, dance, scat, rap, heal, rebuild and sell their he/art.

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