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The Artists

The Poets - The Spoken Word Artists - The Wordsmiths & The Musicians

Poets Jazz House...just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul was formed.  A beatnik poetry and music lounge where spilling your heart is art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door.  There's snapping instead of clapping, the atmosphere is lax but it ssizzless!  Come touch, be touched, hear the answer, heed the call is our creed; the one thing I can assure you of is...your spirit will be moved.  


The people that passed through the doors called PJH school, church and home.  A very special place was created and this eclectic group of spoken word artists band together creating an unbreakable bond.  We recite our own poetry and the poetry of legends; we expanded our poetry into movies, international award winning films and tributes; we create art to Heal Souls and Education the World.

Tuskegee 626

Our Story

Most of us have been friends between over twenty years

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